For all those who are interested in the recent history of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in India, and who want to go beyond annual reports and corporate presentations, four recently published biographies are must-reads.

Whereas the first and the last two books are autobiographies, ‘Myth Breaker’ is the result of countless interviews of key players (scientists, current and past coworkers, pharma rivals, ministries, etc…) by Seema Singh, thereby giving unique insights into the development of biotechnology in India:

  • An Unfinished Agenda - My Life in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    by K. Anji Reddy - former founder-chairman of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
    Penguin Books, 2015 (270 pages)
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  • Myth Breaker - Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and the Story of Indian Biotech
    by Seema Singh - a renowned Indian journalist who writes on science and technology
    Harper Collins Publishers, 2016 (324 pages)
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  • Taking Wings and Winning - Learning from Nurturing a Life Sciences Company from Inception
    by K. V. Subramaniam - President of Reliance Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
    Rupa Publications India, 2016 (230 pages)
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  • Odyssey of Courage - The Story of an Indian Multinational
    by Habil Khorakiwala - Chairman Wockhardt Limited
    Rupa Publications India, 2017 (225 pages)
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For those who are interested in the science of new drug discovery at Indian pharma and biotech companies, please refer to our recent review article “The Drug Discovery and Development Industry in India - Two Decades of Proprietary Small-Molecule R&D”

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More information on current drug discovery efforts, both in the areas of NCES and NBs, are available from:

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