According to the eleventh annual Indian Biotech Industry survey by Biospectrum-ABLE (Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises), the Indian biotech industry grew by 15.1 % in 2012-13, increasing its revenues from 204.4 Billion INR (Indian Rupees) to 235.24 Billion INR (3.94 B US$ - exchange rate June 2013: 1 US$ approx. 60 INR).

Figure: Indian Biotech Industry 2002-13 (in Billion INR)


Biotech companies covered by this survey are grouped according to the following sectors:

  • BioPharma: includes vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics
  • BioAgri: includes genetically modified seeds, molecular markers and related products
  • BioServices: includes contract research and manufacturing services (CRAMS) and clinical research services
  • BioIndustrial: includes enzymes for food, leather and textiles, pharmaceuticals, detergents and energy applications
  • BioInformatics: includes information technologies to develop tools for drug discovery, and informatics based services


Based on a detailed questionnaire sent to over 200 companies, the annual survey captures the revenues – biotech products sales and service figures – or, if not available, relies on best estimates.

As in previous years, the Indian biotech industry is dominated by the BioPharma sector, which accounts for 63.5 % market share, followed by BioServices (18.5 %), BioAgri (13.6 %), BioIndustry (3.2 %) and BioInformatics (1.2 %). The differences in growth rates are significant, with BioPharma (17.7%) and BioServices (15.5%) leading the industry, followed by BioIndustrial (10.9%), BioInformatics (9.1%) and BioAgri (5.2%).

Figures for export (2,01 Billion US$) slightly exceeded domestic sales (1.93 Billion US$). Among exports, BioPharma (65 % of total exports) and BioServices (32 %) outweigh by far the other sectors with 1-2 % market share each.

The overall biotech industry registered on average 14.5 % annual growth over the last five years.
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